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NameAdobe PageMaker
Created byAldus
DeveloperAdobe Systems
TypeDesktop publishing

PageMaker was one of the first desktop publishing programs, introduced in 1985 by Aldus on the Apple Macintosh. The combination of PageMaker using the Mac's graphical user interface for document creation and the Apple LaserWriter for output represented the starting point of what became the desktop publishing revolution in the late 1980s. Ported to PCs running Windows 1.0 in 1987, PageMaker helped to popularize the Macintosh platform and the Windows environment. A key aspect of PageMaker's success was its native support for Adobe Systems' PostScript page description language. Adobe purchased Aldus, and PageMaker, in 1994. The program remained a major force in the high-end DTP market through the early 1990s, but new features were slow in coming. By the mid-1990s, it faced increasing competition from QuarkXPress on the Mac, and to a lesser degree, Ventura on the PC, and by the end of the decade it was no longer a major force. Quark proposed buying the product and cancelling it, but instead, in 1999 Adobe released their "Quark Killer", Adobe InDesign. The last major release of PageMaker was in 2001, and customers were offered InDesign licenses at a lower cost.
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Icon statusNo tray icon
Icon settingNot in the system tray
Executable fileC:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\PageMaker 7.0\Pm70.exe
Parent processC:\Windows\explorer.exe
Can be uninstalledNo
Size on disk5.2 Mb
Minimum recorded memory usage696 Kb
Average recorded memory usage25.3 Mb
Maximum recorded memory usage27.8 Mb
Date when maximum memory usage occured21/10/2013 11:44:41
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage0%
Maximum recorded CPU usage36%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured21/10/2013 11:43:45
Started at21/10/2013 11:42:34
Total CPU time 3 seconds
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