You have clicked on "Virtual CD v4 - Quick Start Utility" that belongs to "Virtual CD" made by "H+H Software GmbH"

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Digital signature File is not signed
Application has windowsYes
Internet serverNo
Uses the internetNo
Imports potentialy dangerous functionsNo
Safety RatingSafety Rating

Description extracted from Wikipedia:

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A disk image , in computing, is a computer file containing the contents and structure of a disk volume or of an entire data storage device, such as a hard disk drive, tape drive, floppy disk, optical disc or USB flash drive. A disk image is usually made by creating a sector-by-sector copy of the source medium, thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of a storage device independent of the file system. Depending on the disk image format, a disk image may span one or more computer files. The file format may be an open standard, such as the ISO image format for optical disc images, or a disk image may be unique to a particular software application. The size can be huge because it contains the contents of an entire disk. To reduce storage requirements, if an imaging utility is filesystem-aware it can omit copying unused space, and it can compress the used space.

Technical information:

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Icon statusInvisible
Icon settingHidden when inactive
Executable fileC:\Program Files\Virtual CD v4\System\VCDTray.exe
Version4, 0, 0, 0
Parent processC:\Program Files\Virtual CD v4\System\VCDPlay.exe
Can be uninstalledYes
Size on disk84 Kb
Minimum recorded memory usage800 Kb
Average recorded memory usage800 Kb
Maximum recorded memory usage800 Kb
Date when maximum memory usage occured30/07/2013 13:12:25
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage0%
Maximum recorded CPU usage0%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured30/07/2013 13:12:25
Started at30/07/2013 7:54:38
Total CPU time 0 seconds
Imported functions
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