You have clicked on "Realtek Bluetooth AVRCP Service" that belongs to "Bluetooth Software" made by "Realtek Semiconductor Corporation"

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Digital signature File is not signed
Application has windowsNo
Internet serverNo
Uses the internetNo
Imports potentialy dangerous functionsNo
Safety RatingSafety Rating

Description extracted from Wikipedia:

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NameRealtek Semiconductor Corp.
Location CityHsinchu
Key peopleNan-Horng Yeh (Chairman)\
Qiu Shunjian (General Manager)
Revenue$1.209 billion (2016)
Number of employees4,000 (2016)
Location CountryTaiwan
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{{Chinese |t=瑞昱半導體 |s=瑞昱半导体 |p=Ruìyù Bàndaǒtǐ }} Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (c=瑞昱半導體股份有限公司|p=Ruìyù Bàndǎotǐ Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī), is a fabless semiconductor company situated in the Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan. It was founded in October 1987 and subsequently listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1998. Realtek currently manufactures and sells a variety of microchips globally and its product lines broadly fall into three categories: communications network ICs, computer peripheral ICs, and multimedia ICs. As of 2016, Realtek employs 4,000 people, of whom 78% work in research and development.

Technical information:

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Icon statusNo tray icon
Icon settingNot in the system tray
Executable fileC:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek Bluetooth\AvrcpService.exe
Parent processC:\Windows\System32\services.exe
Can be uninstalledYes
Size on disk38 Kb
Minimum recorded memory usage7.3 Mb
Average recorded memory usage7.4 Mb
Maximum recorded memory usage7.5 Mb
Date when maximum memory usage occured26/05/13 11:54:30
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage0%
Maximum recorded CPU usage25%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured26/05/13 11:55:46
Started at26/05/13 09:44:16
Total CPU time 1 seconds
Imported functions
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