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NameSogou, Inc.\
Revenue$907 million (2017)
Number of employees2,315
OwnerTencent (42%), Sohu (36%)}}

Sogou, Inc. is a public company, founded on 9 August 2010 by Wang Xiaochuan. It is the owner and developer of Sogou (c=搜狗|p=Sōugǒu|l=searching dog) search engine, Sogou Input and Sogou browser. According to iResearch statistics, Sogou accounted for 16.7% of the mobile search market share in China. It is headquartered in Beijing, China. The offices of Sogou are located on the southeast corner of Tsinghua University. Sogou listed on the New York Stock Exchange on November 9, 2017, under the ticker “SOGO”. The night before the IPO, Tencent owned [ 44%] of the Sogou while Sohu owned 38%. In the quarter prior to the IPO, Sogou reported 55% year over year revenue growth of 55% and 22% quarter over quarter growth.

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Icon statusVisible
Icon settingHidden when inactive
Executable fileC:\Program Files\SogouInput\\sogoupinyintray.exe
Parent processC:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Can be uninstalledYes
Size on disk1.5 Mb
Minimum recorded memory usage1.2 Mb
Average recorded memory usage1.2 Mb
Maximum recorded memory usage1.2 Mb
Date when maximum memory usage occured2011-12-31 15:53:43
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage0%
Maximum recorded CPU usage2%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured2011-12-31 15:54:25
Started at2011-12-29 20:20:44
Total CPU time 1 seconds
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