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NameNVIDIA Corporation
Industry{{Unbulleted list
Key people{{Unbulleted list
Operating income(2017)
Number of employees11,528

Nvidia Corporation (ɛ|n|ˈ|v|ɪ|d|i|ə more commonly referred to as Nvidia , stylized as NVIDIA , or, due to their logo, nVIDIA ) is an American technology company incorporated in Delaware and based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market. Its primary GPU product line, labeled "GeForce", is in direct competition with Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) "Radeon" products. Nvidia expanded its presence in the gaming industry with its handheld Shield Portable, Shield Tablet and Shield Android TV. Since 2014Nvidia has shifted to become a platform company focused on four markets{{snd}}gaming, professional visualization, data centers and auto. Nvidia is also now focused on artificial intelligence. In addition to GPU manufacturing, Nvidia provides parallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists that allow them to efficiently run high-performance applications. They are deployed in supercomputing sites around the world. More recently, it has moved into the mobile computing market, where it produces Tegra mobile processors for smartphones and tablets as well as vehicle navigation and entertainment systems. In addition to AMD, its competitors include Intel, Qualcomm and Arm (e.g., because of Denver, while Nvidia also licenses Arm's designs).

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Icon statusNo tray icon
Icon settingNot in the system tray
Executable fileD:\Gama\Downloads\320.18-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe
Parent processC:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Can be uninstalledNo
Size on disk217.5 Mb
Minimum recorded memory usage3.4 Mb
Average recorded memory usage12.1 Mb
Maximum recorded memory usage20.7 Mb
Date when maximum memory usage occured23/06/2013 23:46:41
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage41%
Maximum recorded CPU usage98%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured23/06/2013 23:46:42
Started at23/06/2013 23:46:13
Total CPU time 1 seconds
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