You have clicked on "DokanCE Mounter" that belongs to "Pogoplug" made by "Cloud Engines"

Measures you can take regarding this program:

Digital signature File is signed
Application has windowsNo
Internet serverNo
Uses the internetNo
Imports potentialy dangerous functionsNo
Safety RatingSafety Rating

Description extracted from Wikipedia:

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The SheevaPlug is a "plug computer" designed to allow standard computing features in as small a space as possible. As one of the first such computers on the market, the device has a 1.2 GHz Marvell Kirkwood 6281 ARM-compatible CPU, a.k.a. Feroceon. It is sold with Ubuntu Linux version 9.04 pre-installed. A software development kit for the platform is also available.

Technical information:

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Icon statusNo tray icon
Icon settingNot in the system tray
Executable fileC:\Program Files (x86)\PogoplugBackup\dokanmnt.exe
VersionGENERIC -
Parent processC:\Windows\System32\services.exe
Can be uninstalledYes
Size on disk112.8 Kb
Minimum recorded memory usage1.5 Mb
Average recorded memory usage1.5 Mb
Maximum recorded memory usage1.5 Mb
Date when maximum memory usage occured3/1/2013 11:52:32 AM
Minimum recorded CPU usage0%
Average recorded CPU usage0%
Maximum recorded CPU usage0%
Date when maximum CPU usage occured3/1/2013 11:52:32 AM
Started at2/28/2013 3:29:25 AM
Total CPU time 0 seconds
Imported functions
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